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Once you have your tax situation under control you can come to relax on tax day knowing that you have done everything you can to file a properly prepared return. 

Having complex tax situations can seem daunting and unsettling. Sherri S. Parkin CPA will provide the professional and experienced service you need during this difficult time. Timely and effective responses along with quick analysis as to whether it is advisable to bring in a tax attorney is what Sherri S. Parkin CPA specializes in. She has had successes in payment plans--five figures, penalty abatement--six figures, tax audits--seven figures, and tax appeals--eight figures, among other areas. No issue is too big or too small! If it is important to you; it is important to Sherri S. Parkin CPA. 

Some times tax situations occur that create stress. Whether it is a substantial underpayment or an audit that seems unfair. Many tax situations can occur and your immediate attention to them can mean the difference between getting the plan that works for you or having one put upon you by the government.

Relax on tax day

Be prepared

 handling your complex, unique, and difficult tax situations

Be with a CPA firm that makes it a point to understand your unique tax issues and research them to be in compliance with the IRS tax code. The Tax Code changes AND it is impossible to memorize, Sherri S. Parkin CPA specializes in efficient tax research to insure a properly prepared return.